Wilson R. Palacios, PH.D.

As a qualitatively-oriented sociologist, Dr. Palacios’s research interests are primarily in developing and advancing ethno-epidemiological frameworks for understanding Hispanic substance use and abuse. Specifically, his developing research agenda consists of the following substantive areas: (1) social epidemiology of drug use/abuse, (2) contemporary sub/urban drug subcultures via a social organization of risk behavior(s) framework, (4) Adult-“Hidden” Populations, and (5) qualitative research methods and design. Dr. Palacios’s overall theoretical framework is shaped across the basic tenets of Intersectionality Theory (with an emphasis on Hispanic cultural, gender, and social class dynamics), and Social Action Theory. Dr. Palacios’s ongoing work is directed towards developing empirically grounded (mixed methods) models which illuminate our understanding of the interrelationship between the environment, the individual, and illicit drug markets. His research outlook is transdisciplinary; moving towards bridging a public health and criminological perspective; both in terms of theoretical integration and methodological practice.